Boosting calf performances!
GBM CMR is a very small granulate including pure and concentrated encapsulated calcium butyrate ensuring a slow release in the intestine. The very small granulates make it possible it can be easily applied via the calf milk replacer.
The stimulatory effect of butyrate added into milk replacer on abomasum and small intestine development may result in higher solid feed intake. This, in turn, speeds up rumen development.
The encapsulated butyrate ensures an optimal development and integrity of the intestinal mucosa enabling maximal absorption, resulting in excellent performances and increased profits.

– For fattening and rearing calves (milk rations)
– Thermostable in milk up to 58°C
– Improved growth performance
– Improved FCR and Feed intake (solid feed, prestarters)
– Reducing and managing intestinal imbalances